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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  July 20, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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we have just learned that the metropolitan washington airport authority is reversing its decision to locate a metro station at dulles international airport underground. the authority voted in april to
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approve the site near the main terminal despite the fact it would cost more than an above- ground location. building the station above ground would save hundreds of millions of dollars. hello, i'm j.c. hayward. thanks for being with us. crews are working to repair water main break in wheaton, maryland. southbound between shorefield road and arcola avenue is closed. lindsey mastis joins us from the scene with more information. >> reporter: good afternoon, j.c. it was a 16-inch pipe that burst. right now, they're cutting into the street so they can make repairs. it is going to take all day and all evening before they're through. just before 5:00 a.m., this happened. >> as soon as i turned the corner, i see the water leak out. it's like ok, there's something pretty bad going on because georgia avenue is closed but yeah, i'm sure this is going to put a damper on the day.
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>> water flowed from georgia avenue down wiseman road and then into this residential neighborhood. it tore up the street. there's gravel and dirt under the road and when the water flowed through it, it washed it away. now, the street is soft in places and even moves when you step on it. many of the businesses don't have water and had to close enterprise represent a car is open but they can't work. >> it is important for us to have cars coming into the lot. they closed off georgia. if no one can get in and out, we're bleeding money left and right. >> reporter: they're cutting a hole large enough to put a box in. that will make it stable for them to make the repairs. like i said earlier, this is going to take all day and all evening. this is going to affect rush hour traffic. this is the southbound lane that's going to be closed. they said lucky, the northbound lanes are much more busy in the evening and those will be open. reporting live in wheaton, i'm lindsey mastis, j.c., back to
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you. thank you very much, lindsey. serbia's last major war crimes fugitive is now in custody. goren,goren had zik has been charged with crimes against humanity. he was serbia's last remaining figure sought by the united nations war crimes tribunal. meanwhile, the suspect in the fort hood shootings will go to court today. major nidal hasan will be arraigned before a military judge. he's facing 13 murder charges from shootings nearly two years ago. he could be sentenced to death. a new plan to raise the debt ceiling is gaining support in the senate. it was created by a group of lawmakers from both parties. danielle nottingham reports that the plan could be a tough sell, however, in the house. >> reporter: lawmakers are now considering a new bipartisan plan from the group of senators called the gang of six.
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the proposal raises the debt ceiling, immediately cuts $500 million in spending and caps new spending through 2015. it also requires lawmakers to find more cuts in the months ahead. the plan also changes the tax code, dropping the number of tax rates to three and scaling back deductions for mortgage interest. charitable donations and retirement accounts. social security payments would be affected by a lower inflation adjustment. some conservative senate republicans support the proposal. >> there's just so many things about this plan that are going to make sense. >> president obama likes it, too. he says it is very similar to the white house idea. >> i think we now are seeing the potential for a bipartisan consensus. >> reporter: but the gang of six plan could be a tough sell in the house. republicans there are already pushing through a different proposal called cut, cap and balance. >> the bill has passed. >> reporter: that measure raises the debt ceiling,
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slashes billions in spending right away and includes a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced federal budget. but cut, cap and balance is expected to fail in the senate and president obama says he'll veto it if it reaches his desk. lawmakers will head back to the white house this week as they try to solve the crisis before august 2nd. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. the nation hit the debt ceiling several weeks ago. the treasury department was able to use accounting maneuvers to buy lawmakers some extra time. fairfax county police are investigating a shooting death inside a home in springfield, virginia. police are looking for one of the victims' sons. 75-year-old gary hanson was found dead on chancellor way. neighbors tell 9news that hanson and his wife lived with their two grown sons. police say that they consider 53-year-old richard hanson an
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endangered missing person for medical reasons and he is not wanted as a suspect. an arlington county police officer remains in the hospital this afternoon. he's listed in serious condition after he collided with another driver. this happened overnight while the officer was responding to a call. surae chinn has more on what happened and the tie-ups that it caused. >> i didn't hear any horns or screeching tires. i just heard the crash. >> the crash so loud -- >> it was loud enough to wake me up. >> reporter: it pulled patrick cook from a sound sleep. >> before i got a look like there was a car half the size that it started. it sounded like it was totaled. >> the officer responding to a call of a bar fight at ballston mall collided with another driver around 2:15 this morning. it shut down a popular thoroughfare getting to 66 at the intersection of north glebe road and washington boulevard as an accident reconstruction team investigated. nearly five hours after this collision, officers started
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opening up the roads again. the department says their thoughts right now are with the officer who is now in serious condition in the hospital. he's in serious condition. he has worked for the department for phi years and he's 40 years old. you know, all of our thoughts are with him and his family. >> investigators are trying to figure out if the officer's sirens and lights were on at the time of the accident and if alcohol was a factor. but it could be a case of the woman driver not seeing or hearing the officer coming. in arlington county, surae chinn, 9news now. the woman driver suffered minor injuries. police have not released her name or her age. we have a follow-up now to a story which had maryland drivers actually fuming yesterday morning. we're still waiting to get an explanation for why colesville road in silver springs was closed for ten hours yesterday. police closed the road after a patrol car and another vehicle
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crashed. three people including a police officer were injured. all will survive. but why is it police have that busy route closed through the entire morning commute? well, here's what montgomery county police had to say. >> each investigation follows the same steps and we treat each collision the same way no matter who's involved. this one just happened to take longer than we would normally expect. >> police have not explained why it took longer than expected. d.c. mayor vincent gray is responding to a new report about his 2010 campaign. "washington post" reports campaign staffers broke the law by taking cash donations over the $25 limit. they turned the donations into money orders. money orders have a higher limit. the mayor says if that's true, those responsible will be punished. first of all, we never, of
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course, authorized any of that. they need to be held accountable. the u.s. attorney's office is investigating allegations that the gray campaign paid off former mayoral candidate sulaimon brown. in return for his campaign attacks on incumbent mayor adrian fenty. gray denies wrongdoing in that case. still to come when 9news now continues, an unwanted species that is already infiltrated the potomac river. well, it has been found in another area waterway. we'll explain. >> british prime minister david cameron faces some tough questions about his alleged link to the hacking scandal in britain. i'm charlie d'agata in london. we'll have the details coming up.
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the space shuttle "atlantis" comes back to earth and the shuttle program ends in about 18 hours. all signs point to a landing just before 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. the crew deployed one more satellite today. the 180th deployment in the shuttle's history. media mogul rupert murdoch flew back to the united states today after facing intense questioning from british lawmakers over the phone hacking scandal. today, the prime minister called an emergency session of parliament to tackle that
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controversy engulfing britain. charlie d'agata tells us that he emphatically denies claims that he tried to stop an investigation. >> reporter: the phone hacking scandal has dragged british prime minister david cameron into the fray and into a fight in the house of commons. >> the greatest responsibility i have is to clear up this mess. >> reporter: he's in the mess! his former communications chief andy colson was editor of the news of the world when journalists hacked in the voice mails of murder victims and politicians. now, he's under arrest. >> with 20/20 hindsight and all that has followed, i would not have offered him the job and i expect that he wouldn't have taken it. >> it is not about hindsight, mr. speaker. it is not about whether mr. colson lied to him. it is about the information and warnings that the prime minister ignored. >> reporter: cameron fought accusations his staff tried to stop an investigation into the paper's hacking and bribery.
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the prime minister fought for two hours to distance himself from the worst political crisis he's faced since he took power 15 months ago. >> i would say the water is just lapping around his ankles awhile before he drowns and probably never will drown. >> reporter: cameron's also accused of cozying up to former murdoch ceo rebecca brooks. >> i've never held a slumber party or seen her in her pajamas. >> but the prime minister may be losing sleep as the scandal exposes links between his own government, powerful media, and the police. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. parliament members delayed starting their summer break today in order to deal with that scandal. we have an update now on that pedicab story we told you about earlier this week. we said that pedicabs are not allowed on the national mall. and now we're told that pedicabs are not regulated on
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the mall. but they're not against the rules. coming up, howard and the hot forecast. >> j.c., very steamy already heat index values have risen into the 90s. we're getting closer to 90 with the actual thermometer. your allergy outlook came in. talking triple digit heat when 9news now at noon returns.
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the snake head fish is on the move in the mid-atlantic. the invasive species was discovered in the potomac river about seven years ago. now, researchers found snake heads in waterways that feed into the chesapeake bay. they believe the snake head was able to establish, in the normally saltier bay, thanks in part to the rain that we had this spring. >> they have a fresher water in the bay than we've had well, since 2004 when the fish was established in the potomac. so, now, the snake has been able to move from the potomac out into the bay and up into tributaries. >> the chesapeake bay is having its lowest salt water content since 1995 and probably longer because in 1995 is when
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scientists started measuring the bay for salt content. when it comes to your car and the heat, well, the worst part may be getting inside your car after it has been sitting in the sun all day. so, aaa's john townsend shared one big tip. make sure your battery is in good shape! >> if the battery is not working, the air-conditioner will not work and you're not only stuck on the side of the road, you're stuck in a hot car. and that's a fate that no one should endure this week. >> reporter: all right, we have other tips for you. make sure your oil, antifreeze and windshield fluid levels are good. make sure your tires are properly inflated. especially on hot roads and be sure you replace your hoses and your belts if they are in rough shape. ok, for more tips on keeping your car running well, go to our web site at
12:19 pm also, watch lesli foster's report. the story is under the consumer news tab. all right. need all of the tips because it is going to get hotter. >> real dangerous stuff moving in. you know, if you're elderly, you don't have as much water in your body. it is more difficult for you to stay cool and some of our elderly friends don't have the senses to know when they're overheating. please check on them. obviously your pets, they have to pant. keep them inside. this is really rough stuff. we even had a stretch of triple digit heat three days in a row since july of 1993. about 18 years. this could be the hottest stretch since then. looking at the weather. happy birthday to becky of paw paw, west virginia. thanks forwatching. we've got heat today. nothing like the next couple of days. we'll see highs in the middle 90s today. good deal of sunshine. maybe if you were one of the few lucky folks, especially in the mountains, you might see a stray thunderstorm. otherwise, 95 at 5:00. winds turn to the south
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tonight. about 5, 8, 10 miles per hour. with still 87 degrees at 9:00 p.m. being outside will be real rough. latest temperatures in the upper 80s to around 90 in easton. 90 in winchester. frederick, a little warm. go up there and see where the thermometer is placed. 8in leesburg and manassas. cumberland right now at 90 degrees. tough to escape this with the sunshine, dew points are in the 70s. 74. this is really tropical air that's in place with a southeast wind at 3 and the feel like temperature, right around 95 degrees. in fact, as we look at the forecast for the heat index with the feels like temperature this afternoon, by 3:00, got a lot of heat index values going upper 90s to 103, 104, maybe 106 toward culpepper. by this evening, 9:00, be around inside, outside without ac. heat index 95. overnight, the heat index only dropped to 86. it will be worse tomorrow. and for that, we've got a heat watch which has been issued by
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the national weather service. they're the body that issues the advisories and the warnings. later today, we'll know whether we'll be under a heat advisory or a heat warning for tomorrow and then they'll reevaluate is it going to be friday and saturday as well as. yeah, i think it will be the way the temperature trends are looking. because this is massive area of hot weather out to our west. much of the country, look at this, the northern central part of the country under heat warnings or heat advisories. these are going into the carolinas, even philadelphia today. under a heat warning for them. and the area of high pressure, i've shown you this for a couple of days now. this thing is just expanding and getting bigger right now. pushing storms up to the north. also going to push bret out to sea. winds of 50 miles per hour. even storms that are forming here up toward the u.p. will come up and over, maybe head toward ontario. i think for us, our storm chances for the next few days, while they'll be there, 20%, maybe 30%. it won't be until the weekend when we start to see an
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increase in our thunderstorm chances. look at the next three days. it will be hot. 96 today. 101 tomorrow. records friday potentially saturday. will be tied or broken. that's where we've got the best chances friday, 103. saturday, pretty close to 10 2. sunday, still very hot at 99 with a chance of storms. next week, some storms monday, 95 and tuesday, 90. when we come back, we're talking about oklahoma, the play! 9news now at noon returns in just a moment. freshening breath? that's easy. keeping teeth strong? that's tough.
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>> arena stage, the largest theatre in the washington metropolitan area and my special guest today is the woman who has led the theatre for the last 13 years. artistic director, my friend, molly smith whom i absolutely love. i have to say this, the reason why i love her is because she thinks out of the box. she brings plays to arena stage that inspire the audience, that raise their consciousness. you just are so incredible. arena stage is so lucky to have you. i'm glad you're here today. how have the last 13 years been for you? >> it has been amazing. i'm from alaska. and coming here to washington, d.c. has been pretty extraordinary. we started planning the new center back when i first came and have it come to fruition this year and for people who haven't come to see it, it is
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absolutely stunning. designed by bing tom which has won 15 national awards. >> is that so? that's wonderful. arena stage is more than a place to see theatre. you have so many incredible programs, educational programs for the community. >> that's exactly right. that's exactly right. because buildings are buildings. but it is always what you put inside. what the artistic integrity is. so, arena stage is about production, presentation, development and study of american theatre. and we're the largest theatre in the country that focuses in this way on american artists. so, in production, we produce anywhere from five to eight productions a year that are all created in-house. >> that's wonderful. >> oklahoma is a great example of that. >> you had "oklahoma" last year. it was so successful, you brought it back. and this "oklahoma" is unlike any oklahoma that i've seen because you have a multicultural cast. >> yeah. it is cross cultural. because i'm from alaska, i
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really understand frontiers. frontiers are always diverse. so, with our drama, we went back in the information about oklahoma in 1907 which is when the play takes place. it was completely diverse. it was diverse but separate. so, what we did from a modern perspective is combine. >> well, it will be on thursday. go see "oklahoma" at arena stage. it is fabulous. visit us back at 5:00.
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